Lean into life

Lean into life

As we navigate this new world we find ourselves in, I wonder how to begin again.

Really take time to enjoy what’s in front of you. As someone said, was it Ram dass? Be here now!

Savor all the details and really look around you and engage with your surroundings whether you’re in the city or in the country there’s probably lots of things you have missed in your daily travels.

So take this time as a new season is upon us to really engage and enjoy the simple pleasure. Leaves falling, changing color, the crispness in the air, the color of the sky and exactly how you are feeling.

I hope that will bring you a new feeling of calmness 😊🌻

Time stands still

As we find ourselves in the new normal, as they call it I think it is interesting that I have landed in this place which is in a niche outside of time. Yes there’s modern technology but Life proceeds at a much slower pace and since we are not on mainland Spain different rules apply. There is still some semblance of the old culture. It’s nice to have these reminders, that life can be slower and calmer as we reorganize ourselves and have time to think.

Time stands still

Welcome to the New Year

Hello internet friends. It has been some… years since I have posted here and I am surprised to see a lot of you still here.

Maybe like me you do not know how to navigate this new system so we just languish here. Also with the changes in social media this page felt like a bit of a dinosaur.

While it may have felt easy to post in just in one click on Instagram with the advent of it turning into a shopping page and people infiltrating my feed trying to sell me something every few minutes, I have been feeling the call to return to the calm of this format.

I can post my thoughts or images that inspire me and there is no interruption only the pleasant interaction in the comments when we so choose. So I know I am a bit late in saying this, Happy New Year to you all ( yes it has been a trying past year) , but I feel we have turned a corner in our awakening and can now take a hopeful breath.

I have been busy in the past few years and left the Dominican Republic where I had been living for the last six years and I have moved to the island ( still an island girl) of Mallorca in Spain. I have a backlog of photos to post and if I can figure out this new system I hope you will welcome me back. I’ve missed you all.